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TAB Records Management and File Labeling Software

Compliance, litigation, and electronic records are just some of the factors that are driving organizations toward records management software. The key to getting the right software solution for your organization is to understand that records management (RM) software is just one part of a larger solution. Simply buying and installing file labeling software won't make you compliant, but when used as part of a comprehensive RM program it can help get you to compliance and much more.

TABQUIK labeling software
Do you dread the tedious task of creating and applying color-coded labels? TABQUIK® file labeling software lets you quickly and easily produce color coded file labels right from your computer. TABQUIK® is an easy to use Microsoft® Windows® based software package that lets you produce personalized color coded file labels right from your computer?on demand. Let TABQUIK speed creating and applying color-coded labels in your organization and save you time and money.

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TAB FusionRMS Records Management Software Suite
TAB FusionRMS is a comprehensive suite of software solutions ranging from entry level tracking to advanced records management solutions. The TAB FusionRMS suite has various solutions designed to track physical and electronic records with a range of functionality to track, maintain and secure your most valuable records. Our RM software solutions can help organize and simplify the lifecycle management of records in any form - paper, physical and electronic. We offer government, commercial and consumer applications that tie together software, services and corresponding paper products, delivering unparalleled ease of use. And all of our products are designed to be flexible, easy to use and easily tailored to your work environments.

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